Environmentally Friendly Inks

cmyk ink

The inks we use are premium quality VOC-Free inks, formulated using soy-based oils, without the use of any petroleum-based solvents or additives.

Asia Print uses VOC (volatile organic compounds) free inks in order to respond to customer's requests for a low environmental impact while still maintain extremely high visual quality of the printing.

These offset inks have been designed to minimizing air pollution cause by VOC emissions that conventional offset inks produce. This ink is quick drying enough to run without set-off and sharp dots, maintaining a good ink/water balance and high color intensity. This makes it suitable for all the paper stock that we run.



*       Good rub resistance and quick dry down

      Better recycling of printed materials

      Conscious of Safety, Health and Environment

*       Eco-Friendly COC-Free


      Faster drying and setting

*       Better dot sharpness

      High gloss and color strength

      Natural and vivid color performance


      Excellent work and turn

*       Good press stability, excellent ink/water balance

      Suitable for a wide range of stocks

      High optical density enabling reduced ink application