Lift-It Manufacturing Company

Project: Lift-It Rigging Resource Guide.

Lift It

Project Description

Lift-It, situated in Pomona, California, is the premier sling and rigging manufacturer in the U.S.. Lift-It has been in business 33 years and has constantly sought to better communicate the superiority, versatility and reliability of their products to potential customers. To this end they decided for a comprehensive upgrade of their catalog. Changing both the look and feel the catalog, adding more product details, increasing the catalog size and improving the over quality of the catalog. The Lift-It Rigging Resource Guide is the main means of marketing the company's products.. The new catalog would be 480 pages and in full color.


Initially all pre-press design work was to be done in the U.S., but time restraints in the design stage necessitated finding a faster way to colorized diagrams (diagrams had previously been in black and white line art ), drop background from product shots and color correct images. Asia Print's pre-press department was able to step in. Our competent operators worked in shifts 24 hrs a day to quickly process the more than 1,300 items. Saving not only time but also saving the customer considerable cost.

After completing all the pre-press work to the customer's satisfaction we printed the catalog on sheet fed Heidelberg presses. The run size of this catalog would normally be printed on a web press in the U.S. but we wanted to use better quality paper stock than available for web and have good sheet control during the printing. Our 18 station perfect binder and automatic hole driller made for a quick turnaround at the bindery and the job was soon carton packed, stacked on pallets inside two 20ft shipping container bound for Pomona, California.