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Catalogs & other publications

Catalogs & Catalogues

We offer cost-effective custom production of high-quality catalogs. Utilizing the latest prepress and press technology to ensure color accurate reproduction, with ink densities, to make your catalog images look their most appealing.  Inline aqueous and special coating will further enhance the result

Our highly trained prepress technicians carefully preflight all incoming print files to avoid any possibility of costly mistake or delays. They are happy to answer any question at any stage of the process and can provide advice when required.

We commonly use a wide range of paper stocks and have experience printing specialty papers like vellum, foils and the many types of textured art stocks.

All of our binding options are suitable across a broad range of applications, such as for product promotions, business presentations, service offers and academic publications.

  • Saddle stitch binding: after the pages are collated, the catalogs are bound using two staples along the fold. This style works best with catalogs containing 52 pages or less.
  • Wire-O binding: this method is often used for books and formal catalog presentations. A wire gets looped through holes in the pages, which allows for a 360-degree rotation of all pages.
  • Plastic coil binding: often used for reference catalogs and manuals, this replaces wire coiled binding with a plastic variation
  • Perfect binding: used for magazines, catalogs, and booklets that have more pages or need a flat spine.

We provide a wide sway of finishing processes, some of the more common being;

  • laminations     
  • foil stamps
  • emboss/deboss
  • specialty die-cuts


Among the promotion publication we produce:                                                                        

  • High-quality product catalogs
  • Fashion catalogs
  • Corporate reports
  • Technical manuals and magazines
  • travel catalogs & booklets
  • brochures

Please contact us to for a quotation or to discuss your catalog project.




Printing books can be complex sometimes, particularly when you don't have the right partner to rely on. At Asia Print we use our expertise and know-how in book production to simplify the process and bring your book project to a successful completion.

Binding methods like perfect binding, case binding, Smyth sewing,, along with a  full range of cover finishes, coating and laminations, emboss, foil stamps and special processes to give your book a superior look and feel in a wide range of styles.

  • Art books & coffee table books
  • Children's books
  • Directories
  • Other hard and soft cover books


Calendars can make a striking professional impression every single day of the year, enhancing your corporate brand and image.  Here at Asia Print, we provide custom options to give you the exact type of stand- out calendars you need to accomplish this.

Printed and bound by wire –O, spiral, saddle stitch and pad for retail sale and corporate promotion. Varying finishing processes -, gloss / matte lamination, spot UV, UV,  aqueous resin/varnish, foil stamping, flocking, embossing,  glittering, enhanced texture effects and die-cutting.

  • Wall Calendars
  • Poster Calendars
  • Card, calendars
  • Padded block calendars
  • Desk calendars