Mechanix Wear

Project: Complete redesign of packaging to further enhance brand value

Mechanix Wear

Project Description

Previously packaging production was handled by the individual product venders who outsourced to local printers.  Because the printing companies were located, not only in different areas, but even different countries, the choice of substrates, paper stocks, coatings and finishing options was inconsistent,to say the least. Our goal was to rationalize the production and appearance of all packaging and promotional materials


Working with the Los Angles design house we evolved a standard set of specs for all header, boxes and promo materials. For example for the package coating, instead of the previous mixture of PVA, PVC, UV and aqueous we advised the best way to go was with a new green UV coating technology that gave a superior gloss and protection but also had the added advantage of being flexible and also environmentally friendly – no emissions and low energy curing.

With all print material coming from one plant color match inconsistencies that plagued previous production were able to be eliminated.

Asia Print was able to introduce cost and time efficiencies from gang running print items, and printing quarterly, half yearly and yearly volume estimates. Warehousing on site, shipping and distributing on a "just in time " basis to nine factories in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand