How it Works

  • Request for quote received
  • Specifications clarified by email or phone if necessary.
  • Quote submitted along with production and delivery schedules
  • Quote approved by customer
  • Contract outlining all job specifications, delivery and payment details finalized
  • Customer submits files
  • Proof created and couriered to customer
    Production samples and or Epson proofs – depending on your needs. The production samples are printed on the press the job will run on, with the stock we will use.All binding and finishing work can be mocked up. What you see is what you get.
  • Proof approved by customer.
    Your assigned production manager will oversee your job from start to finish, giving regular updates on the status of your print job. The production manager will press check your job and ensure any instructions you may have from the proofing are carried out. You are also quite welcome to come to our plant and press check in person.
  • Print production begins
  • Samples of the formal print run are expressed to customer for inspection before shipping.
  • Job is packed and shipped.
    We handle all shipping, import and final delivery. For to door deliveries, import duties, if any, are included in our price. If you prefer we can ship. FOB China/Taiwan, or deliver CIF to your nearest port for pick up. The shipment will be fully insured.