Zumba Fitness LLC.

Project: Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System


Project Description

Elegant high quality finished box and sleeve, seven DVD's and series program guide. With outer shipping box.


The challenge was to create packaging that was strong and well designed enough to support the different elements needing to fit together in an attractive manner, yet be able to express ship or deliver through the U.S. postal service undamaged. The packing had to be of "gift" quality in keeping with the high quality of the products, and the brand in general.

At Asia print we decided that a rigid box made with a rigid base box and a rigid lid box that completely covered the base box was the way to proceed. The lid was printed and a matte PVC lamination applied to protect the ink and allow a snuggly fitting sleeve to smoothly glide on and off the box. The rigid boxes were glued on our automatic box gluer. Rather than hand glue we used our automatic gluer to provide the accuracy and consistency that our client requested. With an order of this size it was also the only way the order could have been done in the time available. Both the lid and base had flood coat inner lining glued in.

The sleeve was printed on a 14 pt (310gms) C1S white back card stock and laminated with matte PVC. A fine-etch silver foil was stamped on three sides of the sleeve. The etch was fine enough to clearly read the small ® mark using 14pt text.

A folding box shipper was designed and a Kraft stock was printed on and laminated with E flute and backed with a high density Kraft stock backer for added stiffness and smoothness.